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About our honey

All of our honey is produced locally. Our apiary is located in Limestone County just west of the Limestone/Madison county line.

We coarse filter the honey so the naturally occurring pollen remains in the honey, and we do not pasteurize the honey or expose it to high temperatures that can darken honey and destroy the delicate flavors and aromas of natural honey.

Where to buy our honey

Suzanne's Bakery now carries our honey products. Suzanne's Bakery is located in Athens, Alabama in the shopping center behind CVS Pharmacy on Forest Street.

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Check Suzanne's web site for a list of their hours, and for a look at their menu.

You can also contact us directly to arrange pickup or delivery of honey. You can find our phone number and email address on our Contact Page. Give us a call or send an email to make arrangements.

We have honey available now!

We have quarts and pints ready to go. We also have Honey Bears in the 24 oz and 12 oz sizes.

A few notes about the honey harvest

We harvest honey (sometimes referred to as "robbing the bees") twice a year. The first harvest, the spring harvest, takes place in late May or early June. The second harvest is usually in late August or early September.

One of the things the bees do to transform nectar into honey is to reduce the water content of the nectar from 80 to 95 percent water down to 17.0-17.8 percent water. If the moisture content is higher than 17.8 percent the honey may ferment. When the bees decide that the moisture content is correct they cap the honey cells with wax. When most of the honey comb is capped we make our harvest.

A big factor in the timing of the harvest is the weather. Cool, rainy weather slows down nectar collection, and the drying process.

Reeder Bees
Capped Comb
Reeder Bees
Uncapping the Comb

Our Products and Prices

Reeder Bees
Quart Jars - 3 lbs
Reeder Bees
Pint Jars - 22 ozs
Reeder Bees
Squeezable Plastic Honey Bears - 12 ozs
Reeder Bees
Squeezable Plastic Honey Bears - 24 ozs
Reeder Bees
Squeezable Plastic Honey Bears - 6 ozs
$4.00 **(Out of Stock)
Reeder Bees
Sample Size Honey Bears - 2 ozs
Reeder Bees
Cut Comb 3 lb Jar
Reeder Bees
Cut Comb 12 oz Hex Jar
$8.00 **(Out of Stock)
Reeder Bees
Cut Comb Jar 1 lb Jar
$12.00 **(Out of Stock)
Reeder Bees
1 lb Muth Jar
Reeder Bees
8 oz Muth Jar
Reeder Bees
12 oz Glass Hex Jar with Wooden Honey Dipper
$10.00 **(Out of Stock)
Reeder Bees
6 1/4 inch Wooden Honey Dippers
Reeder Bees
Pure Beeswax - 1 lb block
$12.00 **(Out of Stock)
Reeder Bees
Pure Beeswax - 1 oz bar
$1.00 **(Out of Stock)